Titus 1:9 - Holding to the faithful word, which is according to the teaching of the apostles, that he may be able both to exhort by the healthy teaching and to convict those who oppose.

Correspondence Concerning
Publication Work in the Lord's Recovery

This section contains letters and e-mail messages sent from co-workers to other co-workers both before and after publication of Publication Work in the Lord's Recovery (PWLR). They demonstrate the thorough fellowship exercised over problems caused by different publications, the care taken in responding to a concerned brother, and the response of some of the co-workers to public attacks that were being published on the Internet.

Before Publication of PWLR

The three e-mail messages below were sent in response to concerns expressed by Nigel Tomes on June 13, 2005, concerning the final draft of PWLR. This draft was the last of nine presented to the co-workers for their review over a period of many months. The problems caused by different publication works had been in the co-workers' fellowship for over two years by this time. Six months previously the co-workers had addressed these problems in part by asking LSM to publish Remaining in the Unique New Testament Ministry of God's Economy under the Proper Leadership in His Move. The responses in these e-mail messages include direct answers to Nigel's questions, including many points he later raised as issues publicly.

After Publication of PWLR

When open attacks were posted on the Internet (on anonymous Web sites, an opposing Web site and even one of the church's Web sites), the co-workers in Southern California sent the letter below to their fellow co-workers in the Lord's recovery, asking them to share it in turn with the leading brothers in the churches for their equipping in caring for the saints. This letter contains many innoculating and healing words which we recommend for your consideration.

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