Titus 1:9 - Holding to the faithful word, which is according to the teaching of the apostles, that he may be able both to exhort by the healthy teaching and to convict those who oppose.

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A Special Fellowship with the Saints in the Lord's Recovery Concerning Certain Letters from Twenty-one of the Blending Co-workers to Brother Titus Chu in 2005 and 2006

October 1, 2006

The twenty-one blending co-workers below wish to openly fellowship with all the saints in the Lord's recovery regarding certain letters we sent to Brother Titus Chu. We want to make clear what our intention was when we wrote the letters and to provide a simple historical background to give the reasons for our writing. As part of this fellowship, we have decided to make the contents of these letters public. Although this was a difficult decision for us to make, we are nevertheless convinced that the release of these letters will be a benefit to the saints. In our pure conscience we testify that we do this not lightly but out of necessity.

From June 2005 to June 2006 we wrote three serious letters to Brother Titus Chu on behalf of all the blending co-workers. These letters were the result of many years of fellowship among us after Brother Witness Lee's departure. They were written with a view and a desire to rescue Titus and certain of his co-workers from their taking an increasingly divisive direction in their work. In the second half of 2004 many reports came to the co-workers related to problems caused by Titus Chu and his ministry, especially by the spreading of his publications with their different teachings, which brought in confusion among the churches. In March 2005 around fifty co-workers from different parts of the earth came together for fellowship concerning the Lord's interests in His recovery. During those meetings a number of brothers stood up to testify about the problems that Titus Chu, his publications, and some of his workers were causing in the churches and in the work all over the globe. Based on those extremely disturbing testimonies, we determined to write Titus Chu to privately communicate our deep concerns to him and to plead with him to stop his independent and damaging work of building up his own ministry in the name of the Lord's recovery.

Although our letter of June 4, 2005, was written privately to Titus Chu, he chose to share at least portions of that letter with over one hundred brothers in the churches in the Great Lakes area of the United States. Subsequently, one of Titus' workers selectively referred to and quoted portions of our letter in articles he posted on the Internet and published in a magazine put out by the church in Cleveland. In his writings the sentences that he quoted from our letter were presented out of their proper context. We have attached our letter of June 4, 2005, so that the saints can realize its sober yet caring nature as well as the causes for our anxious concern both for Titus Chu and for the oneness of the Lord's recovery, which he was and is blatantly harming.

From the time of our first letter to him, Titus Chu and certain of his co-workers became increasingly vehement in their attacks on the ministry of the age, the blending co-workers, and Living Stream Ministry. Nevertheless, we sent two more letters dated August 25, 2005, and June 27, 2006, to Titus Chu to demonstrate our continual care and grave concern for him. He posted on the Internet a long response to our letters, quoting extensively from our last letter to him and referring to the first two. This long response is full of false accusations and innuendos against various blending co-workers, especially those who have a portion in the speaking ministry today. Those false accusations and evil insinuations will be addressed by the co-workers separately at a future date.

To make the content and history of our correspondence with Brother Titus Chu clear to the entire recovery, we have attached our letters of June 4, 2005, August 25, 2005, and June 27, 2006, referred to above (also posted www.afaithfulword.org/corresp/specialfellowship.html). It should be evident from these three letters that our motive has always been to restore a dissenting worker, to save him from being a factor of division in the Body of Christ, to bring the churches that receive his ministry back into full fellowship with all the other churches in the Lord's recovery, and to spare the multitude of saints in the recovery from further damage and confusion.

We trust that all the saints will read these letters with purity, sobriety, and prayer, on the one hand, and without prejudice, partiality, and curiosity, on the other. It is our earnest hope that by reading them, the saints would sense the spirit with which we attempted to help Brother Titus Chu and appreciate our burden for the oneness and integrity of the Lord's recovery. Our prayer remains that our brother would be restored to the fellowship of the Body and that the churches throughout the earth could go on in the peace of the Holy Spirit.

Your brothers and fellow servants in the Lord's recovery,

Francis Ball Benjamin Chen Minoru Chen
Joe Davis Horng Lin Kung-Huan Huang
Ron Kangas Elton Karr Joel Kennon
James Lee Albert Lim David Lutz
Ray MacNee Ed Marks Benson Phillips
Suey Liu Dick Taylor Ron Topsom
Dan Towle Paul Wu Andrew Yu

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