Titus 1:9 - Holding to the faithful word, which is according to the teaching of the apostles, that he may be able both to exhort by the healthy teaching and to convict those who oppose.


Many of the articles on this site have now been published in book form. The following set of Adobe Acrobat files correspond to the printed books.

  1. A Warning to Quarantine Divisive Workers
    1. "Mark Those Who Make Divisions"
    2. "From Such Turn Away"
    3. "After a First and Second Admonition Refuse"
    4. "Causes of Stumbling Contrary to the Teaching"
    5. "Hold a Pattern of the Healthy Words"
  2. "That You All Speak the Same Thing and That There Be No Divisions Among You"
    1. The Scriptural Basis of One Publication (1)
    2. The Scriptural Basis of One Publication (2)
    3. Thoughts on Publication Work in the Lord's Recovery
    4. Not Carried About by Winds of Teaching (1)
    5. Not Carried About by Winds of Teaching (2)
    6. Not Carried About by Winds of Teaching (3)
  3. "A Chosen Vessel to Me"
    1. The Vision of the Age, the Ministry of the Age, and the Minister of the Age
    2. The Minister of the Age and the Wise Master Builder
  4. "Who Concerning the Truth Have Misaimed"
    1. The Practicality of the Body
    2. Authority in the Body of Christ and in the Local Churches
    3. The Local Church Life for the Body of Christ
    4. The Direction and Leadership of the Lord's Recovery
    5. Regions of the Work and Companies of Workers
    6. Using Worldly Means to Gain Increase
    7. Properly Discerning Spiritual Authority to Rightly Follow the Lord
  5. "In the Sleight of Men"
    1. A Pattern of Twisting (1)
    2. A Pattern of Twisting (2)
  6. "By the Mouth of Two or Three Witnesses"
    1. Has the Truth Changed or Have Some of the Metro Toronto Elders?
    2. Concerning Sectarianism and Abuse of Authority in Toronto
    3. Concerning Sectarianism and Abuse of Authority in Columbus and Mansfield
    4. Concerning Titus Chu's Divisive Work in Uganda
    5. Concerning Attacks on Living Stream Ministry
    6. Concerning the Present Turmoil in the Lord's Recovery

Using these files

These files are set up with a page size of 5.5" x 8.5". The electronic versions can be taken to a digital or offset printer as is to print and bind in booklet form. To request access to the book covers for printing, please contact us at:

If you print these files using default settings, they will print centered on the page with wide margins. To print these files two to a page (but not in bookfold format), select "Multiple pages per sheet" on the pulldown menu for "Page scaling" on the Print dialog box. This should change "Pages per sheet" to 2.

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